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AKT/PKB Pathway Phosphorylation Antibody Array

AKT/PKB is a serine/threonine kinase, which controls vital cellular functions such as cell survival/apoptosis, cell cycle progression and glucose metabolism. The AKT/PKB signaling pathway is a signal transduction pathway where key proteins are phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) and protein kinase B (AKT)[1]. AKT/PKB carries out these diverse tasks through phosphorylation of several cellular substrates. The substrates of AKT/PKB promote the inhibition of apoptosis after being phosphorylated by AKT.

PI3K-AKT pathway proteins involved in cancerFig.1 PI3K-AKT pathway proteins involved in cancer[2].

AKT protein kinase plays an important role in cell, tissue, and organismal physiology. The ever-expanding list of AKT substrates and their overlap creates a dynamic environment where the integration of distinct signals at the level of multiple downstream effectors is required for a cell to mount an appropriate response. Creative Biolabs developed AKT/PKB signaling pathway phosphorylation screening service with antibody array, which consists of 216 high-specific antibodies and more than 100 phosphorylation sites involved in AKT/PKB signaling pathways can be tested.

Related Signaling Pathway

Antibody Array Targets

14-3-3 theta/tau (S232) eNOS (T495) IRS-1 (S639) p70S6K (S424)
14-3-3 zeta (S58) FAK (S910) IRS-1 (S794) p70S6K (T229)
14-3-3 zeta/delta (T232) FAK (Y397) JAK1 (Y1022) p70S6K (T389)
PFKFB2 (S483) FAK (Y407) LYN (Y507) p70S6K (T421)
AKT (S473) FAK (Y576) MDM2 (S166) p70S6K-beta (S423)
AKT (T308) FAK (Y861) mTOR (S2448) Paxillin (Y118)
AKT (Y326) FAK (Y925) mTOR (S2481) Paxillin (Y31)
AKT1 (S124) FKHR (S256) mTOR (T2446) PDK1 (S241)
AKT1 (S246) FKHR (S319) p21Cip1 (T145) PIK3R1 (Y607)
AKT1 (T450) FOXO1/3/4 pan (T24/T32) p27Kip1 (S10) PIK3R1/PIK3R3 (Y467/Y199)
AKT1 (T72) FOXO1A (S329) p27Kip1 (T187) PIP5K (S307)
AKT1 (Y474) FOXO1A/3A (S322/S325) p53 (S15) PP2A-a (Y307)
AKT1S1 (T246) Gab1 (Y627) p53 (S20) PTEN (S370)
AKT2 (S474) Gab1 (Y659) p53 (S315) PTEN (S380)
BAD (S112) Gab2 (Y643) p53 (S33) PTEN (S380/T382/T383)
BAD (S134) GABA-RB (S434) p53 (S366) RapGEF1 (Y504)
BAD (S136) GSK3a-b (Y216/Y279) p53 (S37) rpS6 (S235)
BAD (S155) GSK3α (S21) p53 (S378) SYK (Y323)
BAD (S91/S128) GSK3β (S9) p53 (S392) SYK (Y348)
BCL-2 (S70) IKKα (T23) p53 (S46) SYK (Y525)
BCL-2 (S87) IKKa/b (S180/S181) p53 (S6) SYN1 (S62)
BCL-2 (T56) IRS-1 (S1101) p53 (S9) TSC2 (S939)
BCL-2 (T69) IRS-1 (S307) p53 (T18) TSC2 (T1462)
BIM (S69/65) IRS-1 (S312) p53 (T81) WEE1 (S642)
CCND1 (T286) IRS-1 (S323) p70S6K (S371) XIAP (S87)
eNOS (S1177) IRS-1 (S612) p70S6K (S411)
eNOS (S615) IRS-1 (S636) p70S6K (S418)

Protocol Outline

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