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Diagnostic Support

Creative Biolabs provides our clients with a wide range of antibodies which are high quantity and quality for diagnostic support, such as infectious disease, cardiac & cholesterol markers, hormones & fertility, autoimmune disease, drug abuse, pesticides & toxin and so on.

Monoclonal antibodies have tremendous applications. They are widely used in the field of diagnostics, therapeutics and targeted drug delivery system. They are used for infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and protozoa and also for cancer, metabolic and hormonal disorders. In addition, they are utilized in the diagnosis of lymphoid and myeloid malignancies, tissue typing, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), radio immunoassay, serotyping of microorganisms. Moreover, they are associated with anti-idiotype inhibition, immunological intervention with the passive antibody, or magic bullet therapy with cytotoxic agents coupled with the anti-mouse specific antibody.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.