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Cerebral Cortex

The brain is the most complex organ in a body of vertebrate, harboring the major part of the central nervous system. Compared with the simple brain of lower vertebrates, the human and mammalian brain are particularly well-developed. As the largest region of the mammalian brain, the cerebral cortex keeps an essential role in controlling the behavior, thought, perception, cognition, awareness, language, memory of a subject. And it contains approximately 15-33 billion neurons, each connected by the structure of synapses to several thousand other neurons. These neurons communicate with one another by axons, which carry series of signal pulses to distant parts of the brain targeting specific recipient cells. The brain is the information processing center of the body and keeps the whole body operate healthily. It may cause huge damage if undesirable changes appear in any step of the signal processing. Focusing on the detection of the brain diseases, we provide a variety of antibodies for tissue imaging intents.

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