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Fig.1 Carcinoid

Carcinoid (also carcinoid tumor) is a slow-growing type of neuroendocrine tumor developing from the cells of the neuroendocrine system. The tumors of the midgut (jejunum, ileum, cecum and appendix) are related to carcinoid syndrome. Carcinoid tumors overwhelmingly show as malignant tumor of the appendix, but they are most commonly related to the small intestine, and they can also be found in the stomach and rectum. They are considered to grow in the liver, but this finding is normally a display of metastatic disease from a primary carcinoid occurring somewhere in the body. They have a very mind growth rate compared to most malignant tumors. The median age at diagnosis for all patients with neuroendocrine tumors is 63 years. As the metastatic potential of a coincidental carcinoid is probably low, the current recommendation is for follow up in 3 months with MRI or CT, labs for tumor markers such as serotonin can be applied.

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