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Creative Biolabs provides a range comprehensive of recombinant antibodies used in the research of vesicles.

In cell biology, a vesicle is a small structure within a cell, or extracellular, consisting of fluid enclosed by a lipid bilayer. Vesicles occur during several key processes such as endocytosis or exocytosis. Meanwhile, they can also be prepared artificially. In such cases, they are called liposomes. Vesicles perform a variety of functions. Due to the fact that it is separated from the cytosol, the inside of the vesicle can be made to be different from the cytosolic environment. For this reason, vesicles are used as a basic tool used by the cell for organizing cellular substances. Vesicles are associated with metabolism, transport, buoyancy control, and temporary storage of food and enzymes.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.