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Creative Biolabs has successfully developed SARS, MERS and other anti-viral antibodies in the past to assist scientific research. Facing the difficult COVID-19, Creative Biolabs actively invests in antibody development to assist researchers to better understand the characteristics of 2019-nCoV and drug development. Currently, Creative Biolabs is proud to offer an extensive line of research antibodies to support the study of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, several of which were validated using virus-infected cell lysates.

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Cytoplasmic Bodies

Creative Biolabs provides a range comprehensive of recombinant antibodies used in the research of cytoplasmic bodies.

Cytoplasmic body is a collective term for distinct foci inside the cytoplasm including processing bodies (P-bodies) or stress granules. P-bodies have important tasks in mRNA turnover, including mRNA decay and silencing.