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Antibody Array

Antibody array, also known as antibody microarray, is a high-throughput technique that is able to detect multiple proteins simultaneously with minimal sample volume requirements. Compared with other traditional, single analyte methods of protein analysis, antibody array has demonstrated a number of advantages such as small sample volume and antibody concentration requirements, higher format versatility, reproducibility. These advantages support the increasing use of antibody arrays in clinical applications including disease marker discovery for diagnosis, prognosis, and drug response, characterization of signaling and protein pathways, and modifications associated with disease development and progression. Now, antibody arrays have become more standardized and user-friendly experimental procedures.

Fig.2 Designing and developing antibody arrays (Wingren et al)

Creative Biolabs has developed antibody array technology platform and various antibody array products have been provided. If you have special needs, Creative Biolabs also provides antibody array customization services for your exact applications.

Here are what we have and can be provided:

Antibody Array Products

Recombinant Antibody Array Technology

Recombinant Antibody Array Customization Service

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.