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Recombinant Antibody Array Customization Services

Antibody array from focused assays to immunosignaturing Taking advantage of the explicit specificity displayed by high-performing antibodies, antibody arrays are highly suitable for protein expression profiling efforts. The number and range of specificity included on the array will set the stage for the application at hand. In addition to basic biology-driven studies, antibody arrays have been involved in clinical research, focusing on cancer and inflammatory indications. Immunosignaturing could be considered as snapshots of the immune system’s activity in a patient and give a unique read-out reflecting what is going on inside the body. It is possible that disease-associated candidate biomarker signatures displaying high diagnostic and prognostic power could be deciphered with antibody arrays. Therefore, it has been demonstrated that there is a need to develop high-performing antibody arrays and customize specific antibody arrays.

Fig.1 Immunosignaturing of affinity proteomics (Wingren et al)

Design and development of antibody arrays Five points should be considered to design antibody array, including on-chip performances, range of specificities, renewability, scaling-up, and molecular design. And on the basis, it is vital to select the antibody design that best matches the specific requirements of the application. Adopting this strategy, Creative Biolabs has developed and established recombinant antibody array technology platforms. Antibodies for more than 1000 human, mouse, rat and other species targets are selected, which can be used to customize antibody arrays for specific needs.

Fig.2 Recombinant Antibody array (Wingren et al)

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