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Cancer-Apoptosis Pathway Phosphorylation Antibody Array

Apoptosis is an autonomous process that leads to programmed cell death to remove unwanted or abnormal cells in organisms and maintains a stable internal environment. Apoptosis mediates the programmed cell death either in a caspase-dependent or in a caspase-independent pathway. Apoptosis occurs normally during development and aging and as a homeostatic mechanism to maintain cell populations in tissues, while cancer cells obtain immortality by escaping programmed cell death. The cancer cells evade apoptosis via various mechanisms, including upregulate anti-apoptotic signals (Bcl-2, Akt, Mcl-1, etc.) and downregulate pro-apoptotic signals (Bax, Bak, Bad, etc.).

The intrinsic and extrinsic apoptotic pathwaysFig.1 The intrinsic and extrinsic apoptotic pathways.

Understanding the underlying mechanism of cancer resistance to programmed cell death is fundamental for efficient cancer treatment agents. Creative Biolabs offers cancer-apoptosis-related pathway phosphorylation screening service with antibody array, which consists of 155 high-specific antibodies and more than 70 phosphorylation sites involved in cancer-apoptosis-related pathways can be tested.

Related Signaling Pathway

Signal Pathways
  • p53 signaling pathway
  • Apoptosis signaling pathway
  • PI3/AKT signaling pathway
  • NF-KB signaling pathway

Antibody Array Targets

AFX (S197) HSP27 (S15) NFKB-p65 (S311) PRKCD (S645)
ASK1 (S83) HSP27 (S78) NFKB-p65 (S276) PRKCQ (S676)
ASK1 (S966) HSP27 (S82) NFKB-p65 (S468) PTEN (S370)
BAD (S112) NFKBIA (S32/S36) NFKB-p65 (S529) PTEN (S380)
BAD (S136) NFKBIA (Y42) NFKB-p65 (S536) PTEN (S380/T382/T383)
BAD (S155) CHUK (T23) NFKB-p65 (T254) Raf1 (S259)
BCL-2 (S70) IRS-1 (S307) NFKB-p65 (T435) Raf1 (S338)
BCL-2 (T56) IRS-1 (S312) p44/42 MAP Kinase (T202) rpS6 (S235)
BCL-XL (S62) IRS-1 (S636) p44/42 MAP Kinase (Y204) Src (Y418)
CDC2 (Y15) IRS-1 (S639) p53 (S15) Src (Y529)
cdc25A (S75) JAK1 (Y1022) p53 (S315) STAT1 (S727)
cdc25C (S216) JAK2 (Y1007) p53 (S33) STAT1 (Y701)
CDK2 (T160) JAK2 (Y221) p53 (S37) STAT3 (S727)
CREB (S129) NFKB-p100/p52 (S865) p53 (S46) STAT3 (Y705)
CREB (S133) NFKB-p100/p52 (S869) p53 (S6) STAT4 (Y693)
FKHR (S256) NFKB-p105/p50 (S337) p53 (S9) STAT5A (S780)
FKHR (S319) NFKB-p105/p50 (S893) p53 (T18) STAT5A (Y694)
FKHRL1 (S253) NFKB-p105/p50 (S907) S6K1 (S411) STAT6 (T645)
GSK3A (S21) NFKB-p105/p50 (S932) S6K1 (S424) STAT6 (Y641)
GSK3B (S9)

Protocol Outline

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