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Cell Cycle Related Phosphorylation Antibody Array

The cell cycle is a fundamental evolutionarily conserved process where a cell replicates its DNA and then divides to form two daughter cells. The cell cycle comprises the S-phase (DNA synthesis phase) and M-phase (mitotic phase)[1]. Cell cycle events are controlled tightly by several kinase families including CDKs, Plks, and Aurora kinases, which directly phosphorylate and regulate hundreds of substrate proteins, and probably indirectly regulate hundreds more. These kinases collaborate, making the regulatory network much more complex but also more accurate.

The timing of cell-cycle phosphorylation is regulated by intrinsic properties of the substratesFig.1 The timing of cell-cycle phosphorylation is regulated by intrinsic properties of the substrates[2].

Protein phosphorylation is widely recognized as the major mechanism that controls cell cycle progression, which changes downstream protein-protein interaction in such way that a signaling pathway is either switched on or shut off. Creative Biolabs offers cell cycle-related phosphorylation screening service with antibody array, which consists of 238 high-specific antibodies and more than 110 phosphorylation sites involved in cell cycle-related pathways can be tested.

Related Signaling Pathway

Signal Pathways
  • CDKs phosphorylation pathway
  • Aurora kinases phosphorylation pathway
  • Plks phosphorylation pathway
  • et al

Antibody Array Targets

14-3-3 theta/tau (S232) CDK1 (T14) GSK3B (S9) p53 (S46)
14-3-3 zeta (S58) CDK2 (T160) GSK3A/B (Y216/Y279) p53 (S6)
14-3-3 zeta/delta (T232) CDK7 (T170) HDAC1 (S421) p53 (S9)
ABL1 (T754/T735) Chk1 (S280) HDAC2 (S394) p53 (T18)
Abl1 (Y204) Chk1 (S286) HDAC3 (S424) p53 (T81)
Abl1 (Y412) Chk1 (S296) HDAC4 (S632) P90RSK (S380)
AKT (S473) Chk1 (S301) HDAC5 (S259) P90RSK (T359/S363)
AKT (T308) Chk1 (S317) HDAC5 (S498) P90RSK (T573)
AKT (Y326) Chk1 (S345) HDAC6 (S22) p95/NBS1 (S343)
AKT1 (S124) Chk2 (S516) HDAC8 (S39) PP2A-a (Y307)
AKT1 (S246) Chk2 (T383) Histone H2A.X (S139) RAD51 (Y315)
AKT1 (T450) Chk2 (T387) MDM2 (S166) RAD52 (Y104)
AKT1 (T72) Chk2 (T68) MDM4 (S367) Rb (S608)
AKT1 (Y474) CCNB1 (S126) Myc (S373) Rb (S780)
AKT2 (S474) CCNB1 (S147) Myc (S62) Rb (S795)
ATRIP (S68/S72) CCND1 (T286) Myc (T358) Rb (S807)
BRCA1 (S1423) CCND3 (T283) Myc (T58) Rb (S811)
BRCA1 (S1457) CCNE1 (T395) p21Cip1 (T145) Rb (T821)
BRCA1 (S1524) CCNE1 (T77) p27Kip1 (S10) Smad2/3 (T8)
c-Abl (Y245) DNA-PK (T2638) p27Kip1 (T187) Smad3 (S204)
c-Abl (Y412) DNA-PK (T2647) p53 (S15) Smad3 (S208)
CDC2 (Y15) E2F1 (T433) p53 (S20) Smad3 (S213)
CDC25A (S124) FKHR (S256) p53 (S315) Smad3 (S425)
CDC25A (S75) FKHR (S319) p53 (S33) Smad3 (T179)
CDC25B (S323) FKHRL1 (S253) p53 (S366) SMC1 (S957)
CDC25B (S353) FOXO1/3/4 pan (T24/T32) p53 (S37) TOP2A (S1106)
CDC25C (S216) FOXO1A (S329) p53 (S378) WEE1 (S642)
CDC25C (T48) FOXO1A/3A (S322/S325) p53 (S392)

Protocol Outline

Our Analysis Service

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