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Cytoskeleton Pathway Phosphorylation Antibody Array

Cytoskeleton is an interconnected assembly of actin, intermediate filament and microtubule network that extends throughout the entire cell. The cytoskeleton is involved in intracellular signal transduction such as regulation of cell shape, motility, transport and interactions with the environment[1]. The cytoskeleton may affect signaling indirectly, for example, by regulating intracellular vesicle trafficking. Alternatively, physical contact between the cytoskeleton and signaling factors could modulate the spatiotemporal signaling output.

Branches of the cytoskeleton control signaling eventsFig.1 Branches of the cytoskeleton control signaling events[2].

Different mechanisms underlie the cytoskeleton-dependent regulation of cell signaling. Changing the properties of the cytoskeleton provides ample opportunities for the fine-tuning of signaling events. Creative Biolabs offers cytoskeleton signal pathway phosphorylation screening service with antibody array, which consists of 141 high-specific antibodies and more than 70 phosphorylation sites involved in cytoskeleton signal pathways can be tested.

Related Signaling Pathway

Signal Pathways
  • Force Generation
  • DNA Repair, Genome Stability, Gene Expression, and mRNA Translation
  • Compartmentalized Cytoskeletal Structures for Effective and Localized Signaling
  • Vesicle Interactions with Cytoskeletal Tracks
  • Membrane Topology and Cell Geometry
  • Cytoskeletal Sequestration and Release of Signaling Regulators
  • PTMs of Actin, Tubulin, and Intermediate Filament Proteins

Antibody Array Targets

ACTIN a/b/g pan (Y55/Y53) ERK8 (T175/Y177) MEK1(S221) PIP5K (S307)
Calmodulin (T79/S81) Ezrin (T566) MEK1(T291) PKA CAT (T197)
CAMK1A (T177) Ezrin (Y353) MEK2 (T394) PRKCA (Y657)
CAMK2 (T305) Ezrin (Y478) Merlin (S10) PRKCA/PRKCB2 (T638)
CAMK2B/CAMK2G/CAMK2D (T287) FAK (S910) Merlin (S518) PKC pan phospho-activation sites
CAMK4 (T196/T200) FAK (Y397) MKK3 (S189) PLC-beta (S1105)
CAMK2 (T286) FAK (Y407) MKK3/MAP2K3 (T222) PLCbeta3 (S537)
Cofilin (S3) FAK (Y576) MKK6 (S207) Rac1/cdc42 (S71)
Cortactin (Y421) FAK (Y861) MKK7/MAP2K7 (S271) ARHGEF2 (S885)
Cortactin (Y466) FAK (Y925) MKK7/MAP2K7 (T275) Src (S75)
c-Raf (S296) FLNA (S2152) MYL2 (S18) Src (Y216)
c-Raf (S43) GRB2 (S159) p130Cas (Y165) Src (Y418)
CrkII (Y221) GAP (S387) p130Cas (Y410) Src (Y529)
CrkL (Y207) LIMK1 (T508) Paxillin (Y118) VASP (S157)
Erk1/2 (T202) MEK1 (S298) Paxillin (Y31) VASP (S238)
Erk1/2 (Y204) MEK1 (T286) PIK3R1 (Y607) WASP (Y290)
ERK3 (S189) MEK1(S217) PIK3R1/PIK3R3 (Y467/Y199) WAVE1 (Y125)

Protocol Outline

Our Analysis Service

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