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ERK Signal Pathway Phosphorylation Antibody Array

Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 (ERK) belongs to the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) family. ERK plays a role in signaling cascades and transmits extracellular signals to intracellular targets. Concerning processes downstream of ERK activation, the role of the ERK/MAPK signaling pathway in tumor extracellular matrix degradation and tumor angiogenesis is emphasized, and the role of ERK in tumor proliferation, invasion and metastasis is highlighted[1].

The ERK signaling pathwayFig.1 The ERK signaling pathway[2].

The ERK signaling pathway is one of the most important and intensively studied signaling pathways, which functions in cellular proliferation, differentiation, and survival. Creative Biolabs offers ERK Signal pathway phosphorylation screening service with antibody array, which consists of 227 high-specific antibodies and more than 110 phosphorylation sites involved in ERK signal pathways can be tested.

Related Signaling Pathway

Signal Pathways
  • ERK signalling pathway
  • MAPK signalling pathway
  • EGFR signaling pathway

Antibody Array Targets

A-RAF (Y301/Y302) FosB (S27) Myc (T58) PLCG1 (Y771)
ARRB1 (S412) GRB2 (S159) Erk1/2 (T202) PLCG1 (Y783)
BAD (S112) GAP (S387) Erk1/2 (T202/Y204) PLCG2 (Y1217)
BAD (S134) Histone H3.1 (S10) Erk1/2 (Y204) PLCG2 (Y753)
BAD (S136) NFKBIA (S32/S36) PAK1 (S204) PP2A-a (Y307)
BAD (S155) NFKBIA (Y42) PAK1 (T212) Pyk2 (Y402)
BAD (S91/S128) IKKA (T23) PAK1/2 (S199) Pyk2 (Y579)
B-RAF (S446) IKKA/IKKB (S180/S181) PAK1/2/3 (S141) Pyk2 (Y580)
B-RAF (S601) MEK1 (S217) PAK1/2/3 (T423/T402/T421) Pyk2 (Y881)
B-RAF (T598) MEK1 (S221) PAK2 (S192) Rac1/cdc42 (S71)
CAMK1A (T177) MEK1 (S298) PAK3 (S154) Raf1 (S259)
CAMK2B/CAMK2G/CAMK2D (T287) MEK1 (T286) PIK3R1 (Y607) Raf1 (S338)
CAMK4 (T196/T200) MEK1 (T291) PIK3R1/PIK3R3 (Y467/Y199) Raf1 (Y341)
CAMK2 (T286) MEK2 (T394) PKA CAT (T197) Raf1(S621)
c-Raf (S296) MAP2K3 (S189) PRKCA (Y657) RapGEF1 (Y504)
c-Raf (S43) MAP2K3 (T222) PRKCA/PRKCB2 (T638) Ras-GRF1 (S916)
CREB (S121) MAP2K6 (S207) PRKCB (S661) ARHGEF2 (S885)
CREB (S129) MAP2K7 (S271) PRKCD (S645) RSK1/2/3/4 (S221/S227/S218/S232)
CREB (S133) MAP2K7 (T275) PRKCD (T505) Src (S75)
CREB (S142) Mnk1 (T385) PRKCE (S729) Src (Y418)
CREB (T100) MSK1 (S212) PRKCQ (S676) Src (Y529)
DYN1 (S774) MSK1 (S360) PRKCQ (T538) SRF (S77)
Elk1 (S383) MSK1 (S376) PRKCZ (T410) SRF (S99)
Elk1 (S389) MSK1 (T581) PRKCZ (T560) STAT1 (S727)
Elk1 (T417) MSK2 (T568) PKR (T446) STAT1 (Y701)
ERK3 (S189) Myc (S373) PKR (T451) STAT3 (S727)
ERK8 (T175/Y177) Myc (S62) PLCB (S1105) STAT3 (Y705)
Fos (T232) Myc (T358) PLCB3 (S537)

Protocol Outline

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  1. Guo, Y. J.; et al. ERK/MAPK signalling pathway and tumorigenesis. Experimental and therapeutic medicine. 2020, 19(3), 1997-2007.
  2. Arkun, Y.; et al. Dynamics and control of the ERK signaling pathway: Sensitivity, bistability, and oscillations. PloS one. 2018, 13(4), e0195513.