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Protein Phosphorylation Antibody Array

In fact, the human genome includes approximately 568 protein kinases and 156 protein phosphatases that regulate phosphorylation events[1]. Phosphorylation plays an important role in most cellular processes such as protein synthesis, cell division, signal transduction, cell growth and development.

Protein phosphorylation is a mechanism of regulation as many enzymes and receptors are activated and deactivated via phosphorylation/dephosphorylation events due to specific kinases and phosphatases. An imbalance in the mechanism of phosphorylation/dephosphorylation may lead to the inactivation of protein, which alters normal physiological processes.

Cell signaling pathways governed by protein phosphorylationFig.1 Cell signaling pathways governed by protein phosphorylation[2]

For the sake of research, Creative Biolabs developed a signaling pathway phosphorylation antibody array for broad-scope protein phosphorylation profiling and screening. The antibody array consists of more than 1,300 antibodies against 679 phosphorylation sites of signal proteins, which are involved in various signaling pathways. The antibody array can be used in cell and tissue samples from human, mouse and rat.

Related Signaling Pathway

Signal Pathways
  • Jak-STAT signaling pathway
  • Wnt signaling pathway
  • p53 signaling pathway
  • T cell receptor signaling pathway
  • MAPK signaling pathway
  • mTOR signaling pathway
  • AKT signaling pathway
  • Cell cycle
  • AKT/PKB signaling pathway
  • Apoptosis signaling pathway
  • Erk signaling pathway
  • et al

Antibody Array Targets

14-3-3 theta/tau (S232) c-Jun (S243) GRF-1 (Y1105) MSK1 (S360) Pyk2 (Y579)
14-3-3 zeta (S58) c-Jun (S63) GRK1 (S21) MSK1 (S376) Pyk2 (Y580)
14-3-3 zeta/delta (T232) c-Jun (S73) GRK2 (S29) MSK1 (T581) Pyk2 (Y881)
4E-BP1 (S65) c-Jun (T239) GRK2 (S685) MSK2 (T568) Rac1/cdc42 (S71)
4E-BP1 (T36) c-Jun (T91) GSK3a-b (Y216/Y279) Mst1/Mst2 (T183) RAD51 (Y315)
4E-BP1 (T45) c-Jun (T93) GSK3α (S21) mTOR (S2448) RAD52 (Y104)
4E-BP1 (T70) c-Jun (Y170) GSK3β (S9) mTOR (S2481) Raf1 (S259)
PFKFB2 (S483) CK1-A (T321) HCK (Y410) mTOR (T2446) Raf1 (S338)
Abl1 (T754/T735) CK1-A/A2 (Y294) HDAC1 (S421) Myc (S373) Raf1 (Y341)
Abl1 (Y204) CK2-b (S209) HDAC2 (S394) Myc (S62) Raf1(S621)
Abl1 (Y412) c-Kit (Y721) HDAC3 (S424) Myc (T358) RapGEF1 (Y504)
ACC1 (S79) CLDN3 (Y219) HDAC4 (S632) Myc (T58) Ras-GRF1 (S916)
ACC1 (S80) CLDN6 (Y219) HDAC5 (S259) MYL2 (S18) Rb (S608)
ACK1 (Y284) CLDN7 (Y210) HDAC5 (S498) MYPT1 (T696) Rb (S780)
ACTIN Pan(a/b/g) (Y55/Y53) c-met (Y1003) HDAC6 (S22) MYPT1 (T853) Rb (S795)
FOXO4 (S197) F3 (S290) HDAC8 (S39) NFAT4 (S165) Rb (S807)
AKT (S473) cofilin (S3) HER2 (Y1221/Y1222) NFkB-p100 (S872) Rb (S811)
AKT (T308) Cx43 (S367) HER2 (Y1248) NFkB-p100/p52 (S865) Rb (T821)
AKT (Y326) Cortactin (Y421) HER2 (Y877) NFkB-p100/p52 (S869) Rel (S503)
AKT1 (S124) Cortactin (Y466) HER3 (Y1222) NFkB-p105 (S927) RelB (S552)
AKT1 (S246) COT (T290) HER3 (Y1289) NFkB-p105/p50 (S337) Ret (Y905)
AKT1 (T450) CPI17α (T38) HER4 (Y1284) NFkB-p105/p50 (S893) RGS16 (Y168)
AKT1 (T72) c-PLA2 (S505) Histone H2A.X (S139) NFkB-p105/p50 (S907) ARHGEF2 (S885)
AKT1 (Y474) c-Raf (S296) Histone H3.1 (S10) NFkB-p105/p50 (S932) RSK1/2/3/4 (S221/S227/S218/S232)
AKT1S1 (T246) c-Raf (S43) HNF4α (S313) NFkB-p65 (S276) RyR2 (S2808)
AKT2 (S474) CREB (S121) HRS (Y334) NFkB-p65 (S311) RPS6 (S235)
ALK (Y1507) CREB (S129) HSF1 (S303) NFkB-p65 (S468) SAPK/JNK (T183)
ALK (Y1604) CREB (S133) HSL (S552/S563) NFkB-p65 (S529) SAPK/JNK (Y185)
AMPK1 (T174) CREB (S142) HSL (S554) NFkB-p65 (S536) SEK1/MKK4 (S80)
AMPK1/AMPK2 (S485/S491) CREB (T100) HSP 90-beta (S226) NFkB-p65 (T254) SEK1/MKK4 (T261)
PRKAB1 (S182) CrkII (Y221) HSP27 (S15) NFkB-p65 (T435) SEK1/MKK4/JNKK1 (S257)
Aβ A4 (T743/T668) CrkL (Y207) HSP27 (S78) NMDA NR2A/B (Y1246/Y1252) Shc (Y349)
NR3C4 (S213) CSFR (Y561) HSP27 (S82) NMDAR1 (S897) Shc (Y427)
NR3C4 (S650) CXCR4 (S339) Cdc37 (S13) NMDAR2B (Y1472) SHP-1 (Y536)
A-RAF (Y301/Y302) CCNB1 (S126) HSP90B (S254) Opioid Receptor (S375) SHP-2 (Y542)
Arrestin-1 (S412) CCNB1 (S147) ICAM-1 (Y512) p130Cas (Y165) SHP-2 (Y580)
ASK1 (S83) CCNC (S275) ICK (Y159) p130Cas (Y410) SLP-76 (Y128)
ASK1 (S966) CCND1 (T286) IGF-1R (Y1161) p21Cip1 (T145) Smad1 (S187)
ATF-1 (S63) CCND3 (T283) IGF-1R (Y1165/Y1166) p27Kip1 (S10) Smad1 (S465)
ATF2 (S112/S94) CCNE1 (T395) IGF2R (S2409) p27Kip1 (T187) Smad2 (S250)
ATF2 (S62/S44) CCNE1 (T77) NFKBIA (S32/S36) p38 MAPK (T180) Smad2 (S467)
ATF2 (T69/T51) CK18 (S52) NFKBIA (Y305) p38 MAPK (Y182) Smad2 (T220)
ATF2 (T71/T53) CK8 (S431) NFKBIA (Y42) p38 MAPK (Y322) Smad2/3 (T8)
ATF2 (T73/T55) DAB1 (Y220) NFKBIB (S23) p44/42 MAP Kinase (T202) Smad3 (S204)
ATF4 (S245) Dab1 (Y232) NFKBIB (T19) p44/42 MAP Kinase (Y204) Smad3 (S208)
ATP1A1 (S23) DAPP1 (Y139) NFKBIE (S22) p53 (S15) Smad3 (S213)
ATPase (S16) PPP1R1B (T34) IKBKG (S85) p53 (S20) Smad3 (S425)
ATP-Citrate Lyase (S454) PPP1R1B (T75) IKBKA/IKBKB (S180/S181) p53 (S315) Smad3 (T179)
ATRIP (S68/S72) DAXX (S668) IKBKA (T23) p53 (S33) SMC1 (S957)
AurB (T232) DDX5 (Y593) IKBKB (Y188) p53 (S366) SP1 (T739)
AurB (Y12) DNA-PK (T2638) IKBKB (Y199) p53 (S37) Src (S75)
Aurora kinase (T288) DNA-PK (T2647) IKBKG (S31) p53 (S378) Src (Y216)
AXL (Y691) Dok-1 (Y362) IL10RA (Y496) p53 (S392) Src (Y418)
BAD (S112) Dok-1 (Y398) IL13R (Y405) p53 (S46) Src (Y529)
BAD (S134) Dok-2 (Y299) IL2RA (S268) p53 (S6) SREBP1 (S439)
BAD (S136) DYN1 (S774) IL3R (Y593) p53 (S9) SRF (S77)
BAD (S155) E2F1 (T433) IL4R (Y497) p53 (T18) SRF (S99)
BAD (S91/S128) EEF2 (T56) IL7R (Y449) p53 (T81) STAM2 (Y192)
BCL2 (S70) eEF2K (S366) ITGB1 (T788) p63(S455) STAT1 (S727)
BCL2 (S87) EGFR (S1070) ITGB3 (Y773) P70S6K (S371) STAT1 (Y701)
BCL2 (T56) EGFR (T678) ITGB3 (Y785) P70S6K (S411) STAT2 (Y690)
BCL2 (T69) EGFR (T693) IFNGR2 (Y457) P70S6K (S418) STAT3 (S727)
BCL-XL (S62) EGFR (Y1016) IR (Y1355) P70S6K (S424) STAT3 (Y705)
BCL-XL (T47) EGFR (Y1069) IR (Y1361) P70S6K (T229) STAT4 (Y693)
BCR (Y177) EGFR (Y1092) IRS-1 (S1101) P70S6K (T389) STAT5A (S780)
BCR (Y360) EGFR (Y1110) IRS-1 (S307) P70S6k (T421) STAT5A (Y694)
BID (S78) EGFR (Y1172) IRS-1 (S312) P70S6k-beta (S423) STAT5A (S725)
BIM (S69/S65) EGFR (Y1197) IRS-1 (S323) P73 (Y99) STAT5B (S731)
BLNK (Y84) EGFR (Y869) IRS-1 (S612) P90RSK (S380) STAT6 (T645)
BLNK (Y96) eIF2A (S51) IRS-1 (S636) P90RSK (T359/S363) STAT6 (Y641)
B-RAF (S446) eIF4B (S422) IRS-1 (S639) P90RSK (T573) STMN1 (S15)
B-RAF (S601) eIF4E (S209) IRS-1 (S794) P95/NBS1 (S343) STMN1 (S24)
B-RAF (T598) eIF4G (S1108) ITGB4 (Y1510) PAK1 (S204) STMN1 (S37)
BRCA1 (S1423) Elk-1 (S383) JAK1 (Y1022) PAK1 (T212) Survivin (T117)
BRCA1 (S1457) Elk1 (S389) JAK2 (Y1007) PAK1/2 (S199) SYK (Y323)
BRCA1 (S1524) Elk1 (T417) JAK2 (Y221) PAK1/2/3 (S141) SYK (Y348)
BRK (Y447) eNOS (S1177) JNK1/2/3 (T183/Y185) PAK1/2/3 (T423/T402/T421) SYK (Y525)
BTK (Y223) eNOS (S615) JunB (S259) PAK2 (S192) SYN1 (S62)
BTK (Y550) eNOS (T495) JunB (S79) PAK2 (S20) Synapsin (S9)
c-Abl (Y245) EPB41 (Y418/Y660) JunD (S255) PAK3 (S154) Synaptotagmin (S309)
c-Abl (Y412) EPHA2/3/4 (Y588/Y596) KRT18 (S33) Paxillin (Y118) Synaptotagmin (T202)
Calmodulin (T79/S81) EPHB1/2 (Y594/Y604) KRT8 (S73) Paxillin (Y31) SNCA (Y125)
KCNIP3 (S63) EFNB (Y330) KIT (Y703) PDGFRA (Y849) SNCA (Y133)
CaMK1-a (T177) Ephrin B1/B2/B3 (Y324) KIT (Y936) PDGFRB (Y1021) SNCA (Y136)
CaMK2 (T305) EFNB1 (Y317) KSR (S392) PDGFRB (Y740) TAK1 (T184)
CAMK2B/2G/2D (T287) Epo-R (Y368) Kv1.3/KCNA3 (Y135) PDGFRB (Y751) Tau (S214)
CaMK4 (T196/T200) ERK3 (S189) Kv2.1/Kcnb1 (Y128) PDK1 (S241) Tau (S235)
CaMKII (T286) ERK8 (T175/Y177) Lamin A (S22) PEA15 (S104) Tau (S262)
CASP1 (S376) ERα (S104) Lamin A/B (S392) PEA15 (S116) Tau (S356)
CASP2 (S157) ERα (S106) LAT (Y171) PECAM1 (Y713) Tau (S396)
CASP6 (S257) ERα (S118) LAT (Y191) PIK3R1 (Y607) Tau (S404)
CASP8 (S347) ERα (S167) LCK (S59) PIK3R3 (Y467/Y199) Tau (S422)
CASP9 (T125) ETK (Y40) LCK (Y192) Pim-1 (Y309) Tau (T181)
CASP9 (S144) ETK (Y566) Lck (Y393) PIP5K (S307) Tau (T205)
CASP9 (S196) Ezrin (T566) LCK (Y504) PKA CAT (T197) Tau (T212)
CASP9 (Y153) Ezrin (Y353) LIMK1 (T508) PKA-R2B (S113) Tau (T231)
CASP3 (S150) Ezrin (Y478) LKB1 (S428) PRKCB2 (Y657) TFII-I (Y248)
Catalase (Y385) FADD (S194) LKB1 (T189) PRKCB2 (T638) TIE2 (Y1108)
CTNNB (Y489) FAK (S910) LYN (Y507) PRKCB2 (S661) TIF-IA (S649)
CTNNB (S33) FAK (Y397) MAP3K1 (T1381) PRKCD (Y52) TOP2A (S1106)
CTNNB (S37) FAK (Y407) MAPKAPK2 (S272) PRKCD (S645) Trk A (Y680/Y681)
CTNNB (T41/S45) FAK (Y576) MAPKAPK2 (T222) PRKCD (T505) Trk A (Y701)
CTNNB (Y654) FAK (Y861) MAPKAPK2 (T334) PRKCD (Y313) Trk A (Y791)
CTNND1 (Y228) FAK (Y925) MARCKS (S158) PRKCD (Y64) Trk B (Y515)
CAV1 (Y14) FER (Y402) MARCKS (S163) PRKCE (S729) Trk B (Y705)
CBL (Y700) FGFR1 (Y154) CSF1R (Y809) PKC pan activation site TSC2 (S939)
CBL (Y774) FGFR1 (Y654) MDM2 (S166) PRKCT (S676) TSC2 (T1462)
CD22 (Y807) FGFR1 (Y766) MDM4 (S367) PRKCT (T538) TYK2 (Y1054)
CD227 (Y1243) FLNA (S2152) MEF2A (S408) PRKCZ (T410) Yosine Hydroxylase (S19)
CD28 (Y218) FKHR (S256) MEF2A (T312) PRKCZ (T560) Yosine Hydroxylase (S31)
CD3Z (Y142) FKHR (S319) MEF2A (T319) PRKD1 (S205) Yosine Hydroxylase (S40)
CD4 (S433) FKHRL1 (S253) MEF2C (S396) PRKD1 (Y463) Yosine Hydroxylase (S8)
CD45 (S1007) FLT3 (Y842) MEF2D (S444) PRKD1 (S910) VASP (S157)
CD5 (Y453) FLT3 (Y969) MEK1 (S217) PKD2 (S876) VASP (S238)
CDC2 (Y15) Fos (S362) MEK1 (S221) PKR (T446) VAV1 (Y174)
CDC25A (S124) Fos (T232) MEK1 (S298) PKR (T451) VAV2 (Y142)
CDC25A (S75) FosB (S27) MEK1 (T286) PLC-beta (S1105) Cadherin (Y731)
CDC25B (S323) FOXO1/3/4 Pan (T24/T32) MEK1 (T291) PLC beta3 (S537) VEGFR2 (Y1054)
CDC25B (S353) FOXO1A (S329) MEK2 (T394) PLCG1 (Y1253) VEGFR1 (Y1333)
CDC25C (S216) FOXO1A/3A (S322/S325) MER/SKY (Y749/Y681) PLCG1 (Y771) VEGFR2 (Y1059)
CDC25C (T48) FRS2 (Y436) Merlin (S10) PLCG1 (Y783) VEGFR2 (Y1175)
CDK1 (T14) Fyn (Y530) Merlin (S518) PLCG2 (Y1217) VEGFR2 (Y1214)
CDK2 (T160) G3BP-1 (S232) Met (Y1234) PLCG2 (Y753) VEGFR2 (Y951)
CDK5 (Y15) Gab1 (Y627) Met (Y1349) PLD1 (Y561) Vinculin (Y821)
CDK7 (T170) GAB1 (Y659) Met (Y1356) PLD2 (Y169) WASP (Y290)
Chk1 (S280) Gab2 (Y643) MITF (S73) PP1alpha (T320) WAVE1 (Y125)
Chk1 (S286) GABA-RB (S434) MAP2K3 (S189) PP2A-a (Y307) WEE1 (S642)
Chk1 (S296) GAP43 (S41) MAP2K3 (T222) PPAR-b (T1457) WWOX (Y33)
Chk1 (S301) GATA1 (S142) MAP2K6 (S207) PPAR-r (S112) XIAP (S87)
Chk1 (S317) GATA1 (S310) MAP2K7 (S271) NR3C3 (S190) Zap-70 (Y292)
Chk1 (S345) GluR1 (S849) MAP2K7 (T275) PTEN (S370) Zap-70 (Y315)
Chk2 (S516) GluR1 (S863) MKP1 (S359) PTEN (S380) Zap-70 (Y319)
Chk2 (T383) GluR2 (S880) MKP1/2 (S296) PTEN (S380/T382/T383) Zap-70 (Y493)
Chk2 (T387) GRB10 (Y67) Mnk1 (T385) PTPRA (Y798)
Chk2 (T68) GRB2 (S159) MSK1 (S212) Pyk2 (Y402)

Protocol Outline

Our Analysis Service

For more detailed information about our antibody arrays, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Ardito, F.; et al. The crucial role of protein phosphorylation in cell signaling and its use as targeted therapy. International journal of molecular medicine. 2017, 40(2), 271-280.
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