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Antibody Array

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Recombinant Antibody Array Technology

Antibody Array is one of the protein array systems where antibodies are used to capture and detect target proteins in a high-throughput platform. The antibodies are individually deposited in an ordered pattern, an array, onto a solid support. Different antibody arrays differ on the number and the type of antibodies that are spotted on the surface of the slide. The specifically bound proteins are detected and quantified, in which the binding pattern is converted into a relative protein expression map, or protein atlas, delineating the composition of the sample at the molecular level. Antibody arrays permit to analyze simultaneously more than one hundred proteins and provide unique opportunities for various applications, such as protein expression profiling, biomarker discovery, disease diagnostics, prognostics, evidence-based therapy selection, and disease monitoring.

Principles of Antibody Array

Using antibody array technology allows hundreds of proteins to be detected simultaneously. Several different antibody array technologies have been developed, including sandwich-based arrays and label-based arrays. The common principle of the antibody array method of operation is based on the highly specific recognition between an antibody and its target antigen. In this technology, antibodies are spotted onto a solid support and biological samples are then incubated with them. The interaction between the antibody and its specific antigen is detected by one of a variety of detection methods.

Fig.2 Workflow of an antibody array (Chen Z.Q. et al)

Creative Biolabs has developed a series of antibody array products and customization services based on several different platforms, including membrane, glass slide, and 96-well plate formats. These antibody arrays are efficient, accurate, easy to use, and require no specialized equipment that have caused the Technology to gain popularity among investigators.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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