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Creative Biolabs has successfully developed SARS, MERS and other anti-viral antibodies in the past to assist scientific research. Facing the difficult COVID-19, Creative Biolabs actively invests in antibody development to assist researchers to better understand the characteristics of 2019-nCoV and drug development. Currently, Creative Biolabs is proud to offer an extensive line of research antibodies to support the study of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, several of which were validated using virus-infected cell lysates.

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Microtubule Organizing Center

Creative Biolabs provides a range comprehensive of recombinant antibodies used in the research of microtubule organizing center.

The microtubule-organizing center (MTOC) is a structure found in eukaryotic cells from which microtubules emerge. The main function of The MTOCs is the organization of eukaryotic flagella and cilia and the organization of the mitotic and meiotic spindle apparatus, which separate the chromosomes during cell division. The MTOC is considered to be a major site of microtubule nucleation. Moreover, it can be visualized in cells by immunohistochemical detection of γ-tubulin. Different phyla and kingdoms have different morphological characteristics of MTOCs.

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