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Enzymes FAQs

With over ten years of scientific knowledge and expertise, Creative Biolabs provides top-quality enzyme products to meet your research requirements. Here, Our FAQs (Frequently asked questions) offered by our dedicated professionals will answer your commonly asked questions on enzymes.

  1. What is an enzyme?
  2. Enzymes are a type of protein that can catalyze the chemical reactions occurring in biological systems. Most of enzymes are proteins, besides some catalytic DNA and catalytic RNA are also enzymes. Enzymes as a kind of effective biological catalysts can significantly increase the rate of the reaction by lowering a reaction's activation energy barrier. Thus, enzymes are important tools in scientific research.

  3. What enzymes can you provide?
  4. We provide various enzymes that are most frequently used in molecular biology and biochemistry research including DNase I, RNase A, Proteinase K, Reverse Transcriptase, Ribonuclease A, and Ribonuclease inhibitors.

  5. What are the applications of your enzyme products?
  6. Our enzyme products can be used in PCR, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, NGS library prep and quantitation, cloning, and gene expression, etc.

  7. Can you provide custom enzymes development services? What is the lead time for obtaining a custom enzyme?
  8. Yes, we are capable of offering custom enzymes manufacture. Commonly, the lead time will depend on customers’ criteria or requirements. Our expert will help you confirm an optimal custom enzyme solution to meet your specifications, from formulations, configurations, and concentrations, to QC (quality control) testing, packaging requirements, and documentation. Then the lead time can be defined.

  9. What are recombinant enzymes (proteins), and how do they differ from native enzymes (proteins)?
  10. Generally, there is no difference between the recombinant enzymes and native enzymes except the recombinant enzymes are produced in a controlled laboratory system. Both of them have the same amino acid sequence, and the biological activity will be identical invariably.

  11. Can you provide custom certificates of analysis?
  12. Yes. Once the QC test and all requirements completed, we will provide you a customized certificate of analysis that per your request.

  13. How to select a suitable enzyme to use?
  14. The selection of an ideal enzyme depends on your specific assay requirements, such as your sample type, buffer composition, amplicon size and complexity, reaction volume, and other parameters. Our experienced scientists can provide you technical insight on experimental design and optimization to save you time and development costs. We will recommend an optimal enzyme/buffer system that fits your precise specificity, sensitivity, and workflow requirements based on your information.

If you still have some other questions about the enzymes, please directly contact us.

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